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Falling snow is like beating notes, write a warm “winter love song”. The cold wind can not freeze the temperature of love, colorful decorated Christmas tree, passionate lovers are hugging each other… The Christmas song on the harp is ethereal and sweet, a blessing from the angels. Christmas is not only a carnival for children, but also a sweet festival for lovers. The soft pink light of rose gold is like her face soaked with love, the silver light of moonlight embodies the purest precious emotion, and the precise moving hands remember the minutes together — this Christmas, Mido Commander series plays “Love Romanse” on the wrist.

Christmas Eve, Paris, silver-coated streets reveal a different kind of romance. Beautiful Christmas melody around the head, like angels singing hymns, conveying happiness and peace. All of a sudden, the neon lights around the Eiffel Tower lit up, a fairytale-like dreamlike scene. In the cheering crowd, he wrapped his arms around her, who was as happy as a child, and whispered in his ear the words that had haunted his heart for a thousand times: “Honey, marry me!” The girl’s eyes welled with tears of surprise and touching. She held his hand, and the commander series of gold and silver rays between her wrists drew the outline of tender feelings for the watch. The rotating movement accurately collected the deep feelings and sweet meanings.

Swiss Mido Watches Inspired by the world-famous Eiffel Tower, the commander pair watches not only continue the elegant and straight appearance of the tower in the design, but also inject the essence of the inspiration of this classic building. The love story of Eiffel, the master of steel structure, is concentrated in the square dial. In 1884, Eiffel designed and built this world-famous classic building to express his loyalty to his beloved Margaret. In the Mido Commander series, we witness the elegant style of the Eiffel Tower and the master’s eternal belief in love.

Tower to the spire of the smooth radian into a round and clear contour of the dial, strong steel bones gathered into a solid stainless steel case, carrying the firm waiting and the deepest rich love. The 316L stainless steel PVD rose gold case glows softly in the sunlight, with eyes full of love, like winter sunshine, warming the heart of a loved one this Christmas. The hemispherical sapphire glass mirror is like a clear mirror, reflecting against the clear winter sky, which is the purest emotion, with the warmth and fragrance of first love. The PVD rose gold polished bezel suddenly takes us back to Paris several centuries ago. In a trance, we can still see Eiffel calling his wife’s name on the top of the tower. In the nearest place to heaven, he makes an eternal vow of love for his beloved. Hands holding, gold and silver light of stainless steel form, harmonious reflection of the lovers watch eyes that self-evident tacit understanding.

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