Why Rolex Does Not Have Tourbillon Watches?

As one of the legends in the watchmaking industry, Rolex has always been important for a lot of friends to talk about at their leisure, why doesn’t Rolex have tourbillon watch, this problem also keeps many friends feel confused, we particularly discuss this very technical grade problem.
What Rolex has been doing?
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Famous for its practical characteristic, rolex was founded in the early last century, almost because it is persistent and keeping improving to the wrist watch basis function, it does very well on the precision and waterproof performance of the wristwatch, such as the Swiss observatory certification watches, in half of the amount of wrist watches each year are the products of rolex, and the deepest waterproof record is still kept by Rolex until today etc.. That is to say, for some for watches fans who are not picky on the watchmaking art, rolex does seem to be enough, even the Mr. Zhong Yonglin master who has collected many watches said, “if a person only buy a watch for a lifetime, so rolex is the top one choice”. It is visible in the real rolex senior clock expert opinion, Rolex is difficult to be replaced in the industry brands, although it has no complex function to be commendable, let alone the tourbillon top complex function. But this does not mean that rolex doesn’t has the ability to produce the tourbillon watch, but in terms of the rolex financial resources, material resources and manpower, if it is to produce the tourbillon watch, it does not have any difficulty for it, it just depends on whether Rolex is willing or not.

For the Rolex hot sale watches, the 116520-78590 from the Rolex Daytona is known as the small steel Daytona, it is featuring the automatic winding movement, stainless steel material and chronograph function, and size of 40mm in diameter and waterproof of 100 meters.